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A Broken Clock for euphonium and vibraphone    recording   MIDI realization


A Walk Through the Forest for violin and tuba  


Baroque Inventions for flute and bass trombone

version for oboe and bass trombone

version for flute and tuba

Dialog #1 for flute and tuba   

Dialog #3 for violin and tuba     Youtube Performance

version for violin and euphonium

Dialog #6 for guitar and tuba    recording  

Dialog #7 for Bb clarinet and tuba    recording   MIDI realization

Dialog #7 for Bb clarinet and euphonium

Dialog #7 for Bb clarinet and C trumpet


Forrest at Dusk for marimba and tuba   recording   MIDI realization

Occoquan Revisited for Bb clarinet and cello


Petite Suite for Two for Bb Clarinet and guitar   recording

Tit for Tat for flute and trombone   recording   MIDI realization

Yesterday and Today: The Alabama Vignettes for flute and tuba   

Red Mountain Overture for Bb clarinet, C trumpet and piano 

recording  MIDI realization

Arkansas Vingnettes for oboe, Bb clarinet and horn   recording

MIDI realization     Individual Parts    Youtube Performance  

My piece starts at 29:00

Beat! Beat! Drums! for soprano, cello and tuba   recording

Betwixt and Between for Bb clarinet, C trumpet and piano

Divertimento for Bb clarinet, violin and cello   recording

Scenes From Plymouth Bluff for Bb clarinet, trombone & tuba   recording


DJ2 Extravaganza for euphonium, two tubas and marimba & percussion

recording   MIDI realization

Quartet for three flutes and tuba   recording

Sonarequasta for flute, Bb clarinet, viola and piano   recording

A Day at the Beach for Woodwind Quintet   recording   MIDI realization


Mixed Chamber Scores

On the following pages, you will find many of my

original compositions. You are welcome to

download them.  All I ask is that if you perform

one of them, please send me a program.

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