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Vocal Scores

On the following pages, you will find many of my

original compositions. You are welcome to

download them.  All I ask is that if you perform

one of them, please send me a program.

Drowned for mezzo-soprano and piano

Version for baritone and piano   recording

Version for soprano and piano   recording

                          text by Alan May      


Prairie Waters by Night for soprano and piano   recording   MIDI realization

                          text by Carl Sandburg 

Beat! Beat! Drums! for mezzo-soprano, cello and tuba   recording 

                          text by Walt Whitman


Death is a Dialog for mezzo-soprano, flute and bassoon

                          text by Emily Dickinson

Sigh No More for mezzo-soprano, viola and piano

Second Version for soprano, violin & piano   recording

                          text by William Shakespeare


Signs of the Heart for 2 sopranos and tenor  recording

                          text by Mary Baker Eddy     


Two Bryant Songs for soprano, Bb clarinet and piano   recording

                         text by William Cullen Bryant

Two Lord Byron Songs for mezzo-soprano, Bb clarinet and cello

                          text by Lord Byron


Three Lord Byron Songs for mezzo-soprano, oboe and 2 Bb bass clarinets  recording

                          text by Lord Byron    Third song on recording is played as an instrumental piece.


Scenes from Heinrich Heine's North Sea Pictures   recording        

for Bb clarinet/bass clarinet, Bb trumpet,           Parts 

vibraphone, guitar, soprano & violin

                          text by Heinrich Heine

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