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Choir Scores                                                      

On the following pages, you will find many of my

original compositions. You are welcome to

download them.  All I ask is that if you perform

one of them, please send me a program.

Blue Jay, Sing a Tune  for SATB choir and piano   recording

                         text by L. B. Morgan   

Earth's Immortalities  for SATB choir      2nd verion for SSAA                       

                         text by Robert Browning              Youtube Performance of the original version                        

The Lighthouse  for SATB choir   recording     

                         text by Katie Ballinger  

Summer Sounds Beckon Me  for SATB choir, revised    recording    

                         text by L. B. Morgan                      Youtube Performance of the original version                   


Louisiana Tech Chamber Choir singing Summer Sound Beckon Me. Dr. Sean Teats is conducting.

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