Teaching Materials


Theory                                                                                                          Brass Playing

Sight Singing Exercises #1                                                                        Major Scales Trumpet/Treble Cleff Euphonium

Sight Singing Exercises #2                                                                        Major Scales Trombone/Euphonium


Functional Harmony - Baroque/Early Classical                                    Trumpet Warm-Ups

Functional Harmony - Late Classical/Romantic                                    Trombone Warm-Ups

Secondary Dominants

Augmented 6th Chords

Neapolitan Sixth Chord



        © 2013 - 2020 by Joe L. Alexander. All text and music was created by Joe L. Alexander, All Rights Reserved.  Photo credits: Joe L. Alexander,

Mary S. Alexander, Valentin Bogdan, Michael Hart, Ashlyn Kullmann, Benjamin Marchant, Josh Mattison and David Peoples. Used with Permission.