Composition News

I have just completed several new pieces, including an unaccommpaned piece for flute called Reveries: Partita #9; Arkansas Vingnettes (6 pieces for oboe, Bb clarinet and horn); a quartet for horns called Requiem for America; and the Red Mountain Overture for the UAB Chamber Trio (trumpet, clarinet and piano).

I am currently writing a trio for my students and myself which will be played in early 2021 (clarinet, trombone and tuba).

Upcoming Composition Performances



The Southern chapter of the College Music Society will present my Red Mountain Overture (Clarinet, Trumpet & Piano) at Delta State University.

 Tuba News

Fall of 2021

In October, I will have three tuba different performances. On October 15th, my trombone student, Ren Garrison, and I will perform three movements of Anthony Paasch's Seven Miniatures. On the 19th, Ren and I will once again play the three movements of Seven Miniatures, as well as Ken Davies' Colloquium. The final concert will be on the 29th, as will be part of the Music at the Library series. Other performances include Alan Goldspiel and I will perform his Duck, Duck Soup (for guitar and tuba) and my Dialog #6 for guitar and tuba. Ren Garrison, trombone, and I will play Ken Davies' Colloquium. I will also play my Infamy... (tuba and soundfile), Hannah Heaton Adhikari's Watching Birds (solo tuba) - world premiere, and David Peoples' Tag Axyle Call  (tuba and soundfile). Alan and I will also play his new arrangement of the Beatles' When I'm Sixty-Four. This concert will be held at the Fant Memorial Library.

Updated November 4, 2021

Photo by Laurie Graves