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My Partita #4 was selected for the Semifinal Round of the 2019 International Tuba Euphonium Association's Solo Euphonium - Artist Division competition. Sixteen performers play the piece at the 2019 ITEC in Iowa City, Iowa.

I have just completed several new pieces, including Elegy for Julia (tuba - euphonium quartet for Joanna Ross Hersey); A Broken Clock (euphonium - vibraphone duet for Danielle VanTuinen and Danielle Moreau); and a set of trios, duets and solos (for 2 trombones and tuba). I'm in the final stages of working on a mixed quartet for James Gourlay, Joanna Ross Hersey, Danielle Moreau and Danielle VanTuinen. (euphonium, 2 tubas and percussion) and a piano duo for Julia Mortyakovia and Valentin Bogdan.

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April 2021

 Tuba News

Spring 2020

I was supposed to be performing several trios for 2 trombones & tuba, and they include Alan Goldspiel's A Winter's Tale; Valentin M. Bogdan's Subterranean Thoughts; Biraj Adhikari's Midnight and Nightmare; and my piece, The Land of Maximus, on several concerts held in Alabama and Mississippi, but I don't know when the concerts will resume because of the virus.

Photo by Laurie Graves

Updated January 29, 2021

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